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Name:Kaldur'ahm [Aqualad]
Birthdate:Feb 23
This is a roleplay journal for Kaldur'ahm, aka Aqualad of the DC animated series Young Justice.

Character Name ♒ Kaldur'ahm (alias: Aqualad)
Character CanonYoung Justice (DC Animated series)
Character Timeline ♒ Episode 23, after returning from their failed mission
Extra Details (a brief description of your AU, game, etc) ♒ Kaldur'ahm goes by "Kaldur" for short and is the second incarnation of Aqualad, as implied by Wikipedia. He's a pretty calm and thoughtful guy, mature, and has reluctantly taken up the mantel of "leader" of Young Justice. He believes Robin is meant to be the true leader and will pass it over to him once he's ready.

Contact Info
Player ♒ Kathrine ♒ [info]sp_kathrine
Email ♒ spkathrine[at] ♒ split_persona02[at]
Time Zone ♒ EST (GMT -5:00)

All other muses whether inactive or in play at listed at my personal journal.
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